Amazon Product Sourcing Software for Professional FBA Sellers

UPCPricer is the only web-based solution that lets you analyze supplier wholesale price lists and calculate profits in bulk.

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How the System Works

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How it works

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Receive product data files from wholesale suppliers
Upload files to UPCPricer
Let it run and check back daily to find most profitable products
Order products from your suppliers and send to Amazon FBA


Web-based Software

Nothing to install on your computer, no downloads or worrying about upgrades. Log-in to your account from different computers. No need to work with large and clumsy Excel files.

Upload Once

Upload your supplier files once and let it run for an unlimited time. No need for daily re-uploads. Only re-upload supplier files when new products are available or supplier prices change.

Custom Views

Instantly turn on/off any column or filter based on your preferences. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the information and leave only what’s important to you.

ASIN Metrics

The longer you use the software the more information we collect on your ASIN’s. Check and search by 7-day or 30-day average sales rank, see price changes, price averages and much more.

Flexible Profit Calculations

Calculate profits based on lowest FBA price, lowest price (including shipping) or BuyBox price. Supplier shipping settings can be added for suppliers that charge extra to ship products to you.

Constantly Improving

We love UPCPricer software and we think you will love it too. We never stop improving and new features are added on a daily bases. Have an idea on how to make it even better? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Available Plans

A - 1,000 UPCs

UPCs: 1,000
Suppliers: Unlimited

$35 /month
B - 50,000 UPCs

UPCs: 50,000
Suppliers: Unlimited

$80 /month
D - 200,000 UPCs

UPCs: 200,000
Suppliers: Unlimited

$150 /month
E - 500,000 UPCs

UPCs: 500,000
Suppliers: Unlimited


* UPC - Universal Product Code

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